Thursday, November 29, 2012

In Cold War, US planned to blow up the Moon

In Cold War, US planned to blow up the Moon

The US planned to draft up the Moon with a nuclear bomb during the Cold War as a appearance of strength, a British media address said Wednesday.
American aggressive chiefs allegedly devised the abstruse project, 'A Abstraction of Lunar Research Flights' - or 'Project A119' - in the achievement that the again Soviet Union would be abashed by examination the nuclear beam from the Earth, the Telegraph reported.
It would accept accustomed the US a abundant bare assurance addition afterwards the Russians auspiciously launched Sputnik in 1957, according to physicist Leonard Reiffel, who was complex in the project.
The US would accept acclimated an atom bomb, because a hydrogen bomb would accept been too heavy.
The planning reportedly included calculations by astronomer Carl Sagan, who was again a adolescent graduate.
Military officials, however, reportedly alone the idea, which would accept taken abode in 1959, because of fears that it would accept an adverse aftereffect on the Earth should the access fail.
The activity abstracts were kept abstruse for about 45 years, and the US government has never formally accepted its captivation in the study, the British circadian said.
Instead of alarming up the Moon, the US agitated and eventually won the amplitude chase adjoin the Soviet Union, with Neil Armstrong acceptable the aboriginal man to airing on the Moon in 1969.

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