Monday, July 18, 2011

Yahoo rolls out e-mail upgrades

(CNN) -- Yahoo is rolling out an upgraded version of its e-mail service to its 284 million users.
The revamped service, which will become available to users in the coming weeks, will be twice as fast as previous versions and integrate more seamlessly with social networks, Yahoo said in a blog post Monday.
"This latest version of Yahoo! Mail is faster, safer, easier to use, and offers a seamless experience across PC, mobile and tablet devices," said David McDowell, a director of product management for the company.
Users of the new service will be able to respond instantly to messages from Facebook from their inbox while sharing notifications from Twitter, Facebook and Zynga via a new Updates tab.
Yahoo also is promising unlimited storage that would let users archive an infinite number of documents, photos and videos. By contrast, Google's Gmail service offers 7.5GB of free storage space, while Microsoft's free Hotmail service includes 5GB of storage.
Yahoo will prioritize messages and contacts by surfacing users' most-frequent correspondents first. Users also will be capable of sending large attachments of up to 100 megabytes without having to compress them.
Yahoo also said its spam filters and a new anti-phishing platform have reduced spam reports by 60%.
The new service, which started beta testing in October, will be available in 26 languages.
Yahoo offers the world's second-most popular Web-based e-mail service behind Microsoft's Hotmail, although both have been losing ground in recent years to Gmail.

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